Why Use A Mediator?

Because mediation works. A number of studies have shown that settlements are reached in over eighty percent (80%) of the cases that are mediated. The studies also reveal that a high percentage of the clients and attorneys who participate in mediations are happy with the process and the results. What’s not to like?

Of course, you can settle most of your cases on your own. That is how it should be. But if you think you have a case where the assistance of a mediator would be beneficial, I would be happy to help.

Mediation Can Get Cases Settled Early

In my experience, mediation can be especially useful when the parties want to try to resolve a case early. There are many cases that should not be settled until discovery is completed and the facts are fully developed. But there are other cases where an early settlement makes sense. An early settlement may be appropriate because a case involves clear liability. Or because the a defendant wants to avoid adverse publicity. Or because the plaintiff needs a quick resolution of his claims for financial reasons.

Unfortunately, negotiating an early a settlement is seldom easy, even when both parties recognize that an early settlement is appropriate. The problem is that traditional negotiations usually take a long time–time that you do not have if you want to get a case settled quickly.

Mediation can solve that problem. Through mediation, I can help you compress the settlement process. In fact, I can help you make more progress towards settlement in a single mediation session than you will likely make in months of traditional on-and-off settlement negotiations. So if you want to try to resolve a claim quickly, think about using mediation.

Mediation Can Resolve the Difficult Cases

Mediation can also be beneficial when there is some unique dynamic that is preventing settlement. Perhaps you do not play well with opposing counsel or there is personal animosity between the parties. Perhaps you have a difficult client or you realize that opposing counsel is reluctant to advocate a reasonable settlement because he is concerned that his client will perceive him as weak. Perhaps you simply have a case that you think should be settled, but the case appears headed for trial.

In those situations, I can provide the independent analysis, advice and perspective that the parties need to objectively assess the strengths and weaknesses of their case. I can also help the parties properly evaluate the range of likely outcomes if their case goes to trial. I can then facilitate an appropriate resolution of the case. If you think it sounds simple, I assure you it is not. But, as I have previously noted, mediation has been proven to work. In fact, I have successfully mediated many cases that the parties thought were intractable.

Why Choose Me?

I will get results. I have served as a litigator for over thirty-five (35) years and I served for several years as a mediator for the Circuit Court for Baltimore City. As a court appointed mediator, I was successful settling a very high percentage of my cases. I achieved those results even though the parties were forced to participate in the mediation process and studies have found that mandatory mediation is less successful than mediation that is consensual. I have detailed the rest of my background and experience here. I believe that background and experience makes me uniquely qualified to help get your case settled. I assure you that if you select me to assist you as a mediator, I will do my best.